Using Media for your Business – Sign up today!

Social Media is a powerful means to convey the message of, What Exactly Do I Have to Offer You? Not everyone has the skills to weave in and out of the Social Media world and there are real opportunities to trip and make things worse. If there was an opportunity for you to learn some basics and advanced tips for using Social Media effectively AND find out how video can enhance that message AND have a video made for you about your business/message, you would certainly take advantage of this, wouldn’t you?

On February 7th, myself and Social Media Expert Valarie Harris of Varris Marketing will be presenting a workshop on Marketing with Media and the Importance of Multimedia in advertising. There will be three times during the day, 10am, 1pm and 4pm. The cost of the workshop is fifteen dollars and if you would like a video made, the times range from 30 seconds to five minutes with prices according. You can get your tickets today at Eventbrite and get started on marketing your business more effectively with Social Media and Video.