Welcome to the New Year – soon

It’s been some time since I posted – it was of course in another voice and guise but I’m back. DaveCVideo is the repository for my video work and hopefully some other quips and quotes.

As someone who remembers the old style modem for connecting to the great big world-

I’ve seen things come and go. VR is becoming more and more involved in our lives and drones are established already. The fun part is wondering just how much NewShinyFunThings will be waiting next year to ooh and ah over and then you have to think about the learning curve to figure those things out. And what we’ve become used to will eventually or even sooner be obsolete.

For those who know me, my appreciation (ok perhaps mild obsession) with the Cyberpunk genre has me eagerly waiting for a neural connection to our computers. How cool would it be to have eyes that can take photos and video so you’ll always be able to capture that special moment. Some may take that for granted, others will passionately challenge it. All this and more is on the horizon. Assuming, of course, we don’t end up in a post-apocalypse world where as Eli said

“People had more than they needed. We had no idea what was precious and what wasn’t. We threw away things people kill each other for now.”1

I’m not advocating you have to throw away your phone or tablet or smartwatch. If you do really want to get rid of those things, I’ll send you my address. I’m asking to focus on what’s around you. Focus on what’s long lasting and important. Enjoy the blessings you have and think about the ones to come.

Happy New Year from DaveCVideo

1. The Book of Eli  2010 Warner Brothers